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El Dorado Musical Theatre presents a few key awards to acknowledge exceptional work from it’s performers and volunteers. They are the Gypsy Robe and Gypsy Sash for performers, and the Jeanette Caruso Heart and Soul Award for our volunteers.

Gypsy Robe Honorees purple text

The Gypsy Robe has been a Broadway tradition for the past 60+ years. The garment is considered magical and brings with it luck, tradition, and a sense of community. It is named for the ensemble performers, or “gypsies,” who move from show to show.

These singers and dancers are the unsung heroes of the stage. The robe is decorated with mementos from each person who has received it and is presented to a member of the next show’s ensemble who displays the greatest dedication and commitment to the success of the show.

EDMT adopted the tradition in 2006. Our tradition, as on Broadway, is for the robe to be presented on opening night before curtain time. A new member of the chorus is crowned the new king or queen of the gypsies!

EDMT Gypsy Robe Honorees
Bye Bye Birdie, 2018 – Justin Harvey
42nd Street,
2018 – Jordan Soto
Disney’s Beauty and the Beast,
2017 – Carson Beards
Mary Poppins,
2017 – Seth Marchek
Shrek The Musical
, 2017 – Evan Martorana
The Wizard of OZ, 2016 – Hannah Davis
Hello, Dolly!
, 2016 – Abigail Jacobstein
The Addams Family, 2016 – Emily Martorana
A Christmas Carol, 2015 – Owen Whetstone
High School Musical, 2015 – Drew Matthews
Singin’ in the Rain, 2015 – Connor Ricketts
Disney’s Aladdin Jr., 2014 – Lindsey Hunter
The Music Man, 2014 – Kelly Maur
Thoroughly Modern Millie, 2014 – David Bryant
Peter Pan, 2013 – Zack Collins
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, 2013 – Bethany Wheat
Legally Blonde, 2013 – Alex Levy
Seussical, 2012 – “The Wickersham Brothers” – Asten Fallavollita, Justin Harvey, Brandon Karrer, CJ Knoble, Stephen Knoble, Taylor Presnall, Connor Ricketts, and Zach Wilson
Oklahoma!, 2012 – Samantha Teter
42nd Street, 2012 – Julia Adams
Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, 2011 – Anjie Rose Wilson
Curtains, 2011 – Miriam Dubin
Anything Goes, 2011 – Terry Hicks
Hairspray, 2011 – Savannah Argyle
A Christmas Carol, 2010 – Megan Martorana
Crazy For You, 2010 – Brian Farmer
Cinderella, 2010 – Madison Sykes
Cats, 2010 – Kali Ostermann
Grease, 2010 – Kaileen Teter
The Wizard of OZ, 2009 – Carly Speno
Les Mis̩rables, 2009 РJordan Maxey
Disney’s Mulan Jr., 2009 – Anjie Rose Wilson
High School Musical 2, 2009 – Asher Dubin
Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, 2009 – Helen Regula
Annie, 2008 – Devin Holliman
Thoroughly Modern Millie, 2008 – Nic Galloway
Willy Wonka Jr., 2008 – Allison Frew
The Wiz, 2008 – Stefan Sorgea
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, 2008 – Cierra Diaz
Disney’s Aladdin Jr., 2007 – Lara Dietrich
Annie Get Your Gun, 2007 – Asher Dubin
SpyQuest, 2007 – Anjie Rose Wilson
High School Musical, 2007 – Christina Cimorelli
West Side Story, 2007 – Laura Finmand
Peter Pan, 2006 – Kyra Wells
42nd Street, 2006 – Colleen Slavin

Gypsy Sash Honorees gold text

EDMT’s Gypsy Sash was inaugurated in 2013 for the Rising Stars production of Bye Bye Birdie. It is modeled after Broadway’s Gypsy Robe tradition and gives recognition to the heroes—the singers and dancers of the ensemble—who have given their passion, focus, and dedication to make the show the best it can possibly be.

The Sash is presented on opening night before the curtain goes up. It’s an exciting moment, and we are happy to share the names of those who have been awarded this honor.

EDMT Gypsy Sash Honorees
Willy Wonka, 2017
Chocolate Cast – Katelyn Minnie
Caramel Cast – Alex Wessling

Disney’s Alice in Wonderland Jr., 2016
Hearts Cast – Madeline Sweet
Diamonds Cast – Emma Majewski

Disney’s Mulan Jr., 2015
Dragon Cast – Brooke Disney
Firework Cast – Aurora Giacobbe

Disney’s The Jungle Book, 2014
Fire Cast – Emily Fritz
Rain Cast – Kelsey Fairchild

Bye Bye Birdie, 2013
New York Cast Cast – Abbie Disney
Sweet Apple Cast Cast – Emma Magnuson

The Jeanette Caruso Heart and Soul Award is the highest honor El Dorado Musical Theater gives. It is awarded to people whose volunteer efforts go well beyond the norm and whose contributions have had a significant impact on the success of the organization.

It is named after Jeanette Caruso, one of our first volunteers who later became our Executive Producer. Her dedication and commitment were extraordinary, and she was sorely missed when she stepped away from the role in 2009.

To recognize her exceptional contributions, EDMT’s Board of Directors created the Heart and Soul Award, appropriately named it after Jeanette, and made her its first honoree.

The award is given only on an occasional basis. The recipient’s name is kept confidential and revealed when the award is presented at the opening of a performance.

This list below includes our Who’s Who of extraordinary people who have given of their time and talent to make El Dorado Musical Theatre the successful institution that it has become.

Jeanette Caruso
Susan Sharp
Annie Speno
Erica Wilson
Richard Wilson
Linda Clark
Tom Farmer
Marc Dubin
Christine Martorana
Miles Ostermann
Trevor Frew
Ila Dubin
Pier Simpson
Mary Curry
Maureen Finmand
Margie Rudolph
Karen McConnell