Anjie Rose Wilson, Ryan Van Overeem, The Addams Family, Tango

This list of commonly asked questions should give you more information about participating in EDMT’s productions. Please read it thoroughly before registering for a show. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please ask us by e-mail.

The Parent Meeting, scheduled after the cast list is posted is treated as a mandatory rehearsal. The performer will incur one full absence if this meeting is missed.

Show rehearsals and other show related events for each EDMT production are scheduled in advance. Times are listed on the Performer’s Calendar on the show page. Usually, rehearsals are scheduled Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (with the addition of Wednesday for summer shows) with some Saturday rehearsals closer to the show opening. Not all cast members rehearse every day. Monday rehearsals are usually for the lead characters only. Tuesday and Thursday rehearsals are for the full cast. Depending on progress of performers, however, special calls may be scheduled as needed.

Weekday rehearsals are usually from 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm. Saturday rehearsals are usually from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

During production weeks (the last two weeks of rehearsal), all rehearsals are MANDATORY for the entire cast. Mandatory rehearsals may run later in the evening. If you miss any rehearsals during production weeks, you risk being removed from the show.

Rehearsals primarily take place at EDMT, 5011 Golden Foothill Pkwy, Unit #4, in the El Dorado Hills Business Park off of Latrobe Rd. During summer productions, however, we must utilize other locations for some rehearsals, usually at a nearby school or church. Specific rehearsal locations are listed on the calendar and are provided in the weekly news bulletins.

All of our Rising Stars, Encore, and Main Stage shows are performed at Harris Center for the Arts at Folsom Lake College. Our training shows are performed at local venues which are announced prior to casting the show.

All known schedule conflicts must be noted on your audition form. You are allowed up to 3 absences. An Appeal for Reinstatement form must be signed in order to continue rehearsing if more than 3 regular rehearsals are missed. Absences will NOT be allowed during production weeks or during the performances, period, or you may not be able to do another EDMT production. (Extenuating circumstances such as a death in the family will not have consequences.)

Please go to the Parent Volunteer Coordinator. Please avoid disrupting rehearsals by going directly to the Director, or artistic staff. You will meet the Parent Volunteer Coordinator(s) at the Mandatory Parent Meeting. A Contact List is also distributed at the Parent Meeting.

Yes, of course there are standards of behavior you are expected to follow when you participate in any EDMT activity. But they are very simple and can be followed by anyone who knows how to behave appropriately in the company of others.

What does that mean specifically? We expect every castmember and student to be courteous, respectful, and responsible while understanding that focus, dedication, and commitment are necessary to achieve the group’s goals.

We expect each participant to be punctual and prepared for rehearsal. Prepared by knowing the material that was covered in the previous class or rehearsal, and also prepared by being well-groomed and dressed for movement (no jeans) and wearing dance footwear (no tennis shoes).

We also expect that everyone participating in EDMT activities will take good care of the facility; both our rehearsal areas and our performance venues and equipment. That means cleaning up after yourself and taking your belongings, water bottles, homework, and clothing home with you at the end of class or rehearsal.

It should be no surprise that we have a zero tolerance policy towards any substance abuse. Violations will result in immediate dismissal and appropriate authorities may be contacted.

Every EDMT participant should understand that their contributions towards a positive, healthy, and supportive environment are necessary for the group to be successful and to assure that every El Dorado Musical Theatre production is the best it can be for each and every audience member as well as for each and every performer and student.

The tuition fee to participate in a show is typically $445. (Training Shows are less. You can read more about training show fees on the training show show page.)

In addition to tuition, there is a parent participation deposit fee of $75 for each family. The fee is collected in order to encourage parent participation and is required at registration/auditions. The deposit is returned to each family at the end of the production if the 20 hour minimum participation is met. There’s more information about volunteering below.

Some additional costs you can anticipate include personal items that will be used by only the performer: make-up (usually about $20), wigs if needed, any specific performance shoes if needed.

Optional items include: show sweatshirts/t-shirts or other collectibles, personal messages or advertisement in the playbill, photographs, and tickets to the shows.

Cast members do not receive complimentary tickets. However, each cast member has access to Performer Discount Tickets for a limited time, with a savings of up to $5 each. By buying tickets directly at the Harris Center Ticket Office, you can get an additional $3 per ticket savings.

If I have more than one siblings in a production, is there a price break?

Yes, for one additional sibling in the same show, the tuition is $350 (after the initial $420). Two or more additional siblings in the same show are $300 each.