What to Expect at Auditions

Auditions are usually held about a week before a show begins rehearsals.

At EDMT, everyone who registers is included in the cast of a show (space allowing) with the single exception of our once-yearly “Encore” production. So, while registration is what assures that you will be part of a cast, auditions are necessary to place each performer in a role which best matches their skill and experience level as well as overall suitability for a particular part.

To register, we strongly recommend that you do so online as soon as registration opens. (Check the specific show page on our website for detailed information.) Alternatively, you may arrive early on audition day and register if there are still performer positions available.

When you have successfully registered, you will be given an audition number and a window of time during which you can expect to be called to audition. However, EDMT does reserve the right to refuse any registration.

On Audition Day

First, dress comfortably. You will be dancing and singing, so you need to make sure you can move in clothing which doesn’t need extra attention, pulling, or pushing to stay in place. Shoes should be the same. For dancing, sandals and flip-flops are not appropriate. Wear shoes which are comfortable, flexible, and supportive. You’ll also want to make sure you are neat and that your hair is combed since your photo will be taken.

When you arrive at the EDMT rehearsal facility you must check in. You’ll be given your information packet and audition number sticker. Put the number sticker somewhere on your clothing where it’s easy to see. Usually that’s at shoulder level on your chest. This helps us keep track of who you are throughout the auditioning process. Next, you will be measured for costuming and have your photo taken for the printed program.

Auditionees are seen in groups of ten, in numerical order. Make sure to be aware of which numbers are auditioning so you don’t miss your turn. When it’s your group’s turn to audition, you’ll be seated in the large audition room. Be aware that you will probably have an audience in addition to the creative staff since auditions are open for others to watch, usually close family members of auditionees.

Auditionees will be seated by number in a row of 20 chairs in the audition room. When your number is called, you will come to the front of the room, introduce yourself and your song, and then sing for up to one minute. (This is timed, but your time begins when you begin singing, not when your music begins.)

You may sing acapella (voice alone with no accompaniment), or with an instrumental CD, or you may bring piano sheet music for the accompanist. We do not allow CDs with lyrics/vocals for auditions.

It is our own, particular recommendation for people new to auditioning that they sing a song with which they are familiar and comfortable. Choose a song which is within a comfortable vocal range for you, and one which is appropriate for your age and gender.

All auditionees will be asked to perform a short dance routine for the director and choreographer. Staff will be teaching this routine before your audition time. Also, the dance is often taught a few days in advance of auditions at our rehearsal facility in a one-time session. If you need to learn the dance on the day of audition, please arrive early enough to do so.

Please note: first-time audition jitters are normal. We make every attempt to provide a warm and welcoming environment for all performers. Perfection is neither necessary nor expected. Being yourself and doing your best matters more than any other factor.

After your audition, take your seat with your group. When everyone in your group has auditioned, the Artistic Staff will announce the audition numbers of those being asked to return at a final, separate audition called “callbacks.”

Callbacks are for performers who are being considered for particular roles. Those called back should go immediately to the “Callback Table” in the registration room where they will pick up any songs/scripts needed to prepare for callback day, usually two days after auditions.

Callbacks are very similar to auditions except performers will be reading, singing, and dancing specific material. You will have picked this material up on audition day if you have been called back for a role(s), and should come to callbacks prepared to perform those materials.

The final cast list will be posted on the EDMT website a few days later. Information about rehearsal schedules and show specifics can be found on the show page.

Good wishes and good luck!