Maxwell Detective Agency

Maxwell Detective Agency
A Training Show Production

Book and Lyrics by Richard Wilson
Music by Lynne Cimorelli

Featuring performers ages 5-9
This show is Rated G

Saturdays, March 4-April 15, 2023

Tech Rehearsal/Performances
April 19-22, 2023

Artistic Manager: Anjie Rose Wilson
Brittany Lansford
Joey Baciocco & Ashley Slavin
Mackenzie Haar & Madeline L’Engle
Vocal Director:
Cameron Renstrom
Asst. Director:
Tori Turo
Asst. Choreographers:
Adam Kosciuk & Leighton L’Engle
Asst. Vocal Director:
Nathan Hansen
Technical Director:
Zach Wilson

Welcome to somewhere in suburban USA. The neighborhood co-ed softball team is getting ready to play their big championship game. The star player has just discovered that his lucky bat has been stolen. Panic and despair rolls throughout the neighborhood. Everyone knows that winning this softball game has nothing to do with pitching or hitting; it has to do with two detectives in sneakers. Can the lucky bat be found? And can it be found in time?

The two Maxwell kids are very smart, and since they opened their office out of the Maxwell garage, no neighborhood crime has gone unsolved. Do you have a problem that needs solving? You can hire these two junior detectives for a dollar now and a dollar when the case is closed.


Saturdays 9:00 am – 11:00 am (Everyone)
Saturdays 9:00 am – 12:00 pm (Leads)

Each cast will have a tech rehearsal on April 19th, and perform three shows, April 20-22, 2023.

Rehearsals and shows take place at the EDMT rehearsal facility, located at:
4949 Windplay Drive, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

This one-day workshop is ideal for any performer between 5-9 years old who wants to audition for EDMT’s 2023 Training Show, Maxwell Detective Agency.  The audition workshop is not mandatory to participate in the training show production, but it is a great way to prepare for auditions.  Cost is $50.

Date/Time:  Saturday, February 11th, 10:00am – 1:00pm

Participants will learn from EDMT’s Founder and Artistic Director, Debbie Wilson:

– Exactly what to expect at the audition.

– How to choose audition songs.  Participants will receive a Google Drive link of appropriate audition songs that they can use.

– How to drill your introduction, what to include, and why your introduction is so important!

– Dance steps that are in the Training Show dance audition.

– The story and characters in Maxwell Detective Agency, including getting to practice lines from the show.

Plus, everyone will get a chance to do a full practice audition to gain experience.

Parents attend for FREE and are strongly encouraged to attend so they can assist their young performer. Only 1 parent per child registered may attend.

Performers wear closed-toed shoes and comfortable clothes to dance in.  If your performer has an audition song they would like to sing please have them bring it on a CD.

Training Shows are an ideal way for young people to start learning about performance and theater. For young people who already have some theater experience, it is a unique opportunity to gain further experience acting, singing, and dancing onstage.

Our Training Shows start with the key theater terms and performing. Student performers then progress through actually staging a performance. The show itself is a “lighter” production that is perfectly suited to younger performers.

The first class is a real audition that parallels the audition process used by El Dorado Musical Theatre and most other stage performance groups. Since all students who enroll in the class participate and perform onstage, auditions are for determining who will perform each specific role.

Online registration begins Tuesday, February 7th at 8:00pm on this webpage and closes when full or on February 15th at 8:00pm, whichever comes first.  (If the cast is full you may choose to be placed on a waiting list.)  Everyone registered will be in the show.  Auditions are to determine who will perform specific roles.

NEW participants to EDMT since August 2020 are required to sign an EDMT Waiver and Release Form prior to the first rehearsal.

[New to EDMT:  Bring a copy of your birth certificate to your audition to verify your age.]

Sunday, February 19th, starting at 9:00am at EDMT’s Rehearsal Facility.  Arrive 15 minutes before your audition time to check-in, be measured for costumes and have a photo taken for the program.

  • We will send an email after registration with instructions on how to submit music electronically for auditions.
  • Auditionees will be seated by number in a row of 10 chairs in the audition room.  Parents are invited to watch.  When your number is called, you will come forward, introduce yourself and your song, and then sing for up to one minute.
  • After 10 sing, they may choose to recite a few lines, provided by the artistic staff, to be considered for a role.
  • Next, 20 auditionees will be taught a dance and perform it for the staff in small groups.  Some groups of auditionees will sing first and dance second, and others will dance first and sing second.
  • At that point, the first 10 are excused and the next 10 sing and recite lines.

The cast list will be posted on the EDMT website on Monday, February 27th at 4:00pm.

$300 Tuition Fee.  This is paid online by credit card at the time of registration. Additional expenses may include the purchase of personal items such as changing garments and shoes; and those which are completely optional, such as a cast photo or t-shirt, etc.

– Registered cast members will receive a full refund of tuition, minus a $50.00 processing fee if they remove themselves from the cast before the cast list is posted.

– NO refunds of tuition will be made once the cast list is posted on the EDMT website, except in extenuating circumstances such as death in the family, medical injury, serious illness, or surgery not known about prior to auditions.

– To request a cancellation prior to the cast being posted, send an email to  Make sure to include performer’s name, parent’s name and phone number, and reason for canceling.

– NO refunds of tuition will be given to cast members removed from the cast by EDMT staff for behavioral reasons.

Note: Auditionees and their parents are aware that rehearsals require the cast member to have the ability to focus for two hours, with one break.

Saturdays 9:00 am – 11:00 am (Everyone)
Saturdays 9:00 am – 12:00 pm (Leads)

The first rehearsal is on Saturday, March 4th.

It is extremely important that you review the calendar from the website and provide any schedule conflicts on audition day. Please DO NOT REGISTER if your schedule has more than 2 conflicts on NON-mandatory dates or ANY conflicts on Dress Rehearsal on April 15th or Tech Rehearsal/Performances on April 19th-22nd. Missing any of these important dates may result in being dropped from the show.

Rehearsals will take place at EDMT, 4949 Windplay Drive, in El Dorado Hills, CA.

There is a PARENT MEETING on Saturday, March 4th from 9:00-10:00am, at EDMT. You will receive important information critical to the success of your cast member and the show.

Click HERE to review the current EDMT Safety Protocol.

NEW participants to EDMT’s iClassPro registration portal are required to sign an EDMT Waiver and Release Form.

Shawn (Sean) Maxwell
*…Lead detective for the Maxwell Detective Agency

Don (Dawn) Maxwell*…The other lead detective for the Maxwell Detective Agency

Coach*…The coach of the co-ed softball team, The Double Lattes

TJ*…Star hitter of the coed softball team who’s lucky but was stolen

Jordan*…A member of the coed softball team

Peyton*…Another member of the coed softball team

Micki*…One more member of the coed softball team

Sherlock Holmes…Actually, the ghost of Sherlock Holmes who oversees his two youngest apprentices

Eleanor Roosevelt…Actually, the ghost of Eleanor Roosevelt who accidentally gets written into the script. Once she is there she decides to help out

*These roles are not gender specific and can be cast with either a boy or a girl.


The Maxwell Detective Agency…Full Cast

Get a Clue…The Two Maxwells, T.J., Micki, & Peyton

Lucky Fat “Lightning”…Full Cast

What Would Sherlock Do?…The Two Maxwells

One Day Before the Knights…Full Cast

The Maxwell Detective Agency (reprise)…Full Cast


Who can participate?
Boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 9. (Age as of the date of auditions.)

Why do we have auditions?
The purpose of the audition is to determine how well students can sing or dance and to determine who can best perform each role. Students are not expected to arrive fully versed as a performer since that is what they are learning in the class.

What are the audition song requirements and preferences?
Choose an age appropriate song, preferably from a musical, no longer than one minute.  Performers may sing acapella (voice alone with no accompaniment), or with an instrumental CD or electronic music file (acceptable file formats are .MP3, .WAV, .AIF, .M4A).  Bring a burned CD with the cut of music you will use for the vocal audition.  Or email an edited music file where you will start singing to  The file must be able to be played and transferred (not a song off of Spotify).

What to wear to a dance audition?
Dress comfortably for a dance audition. (Clothes and shoes that allow you to move easily, NO sandals or thick boots.) Everyone is expected to participate in the dance audition.

What is the class/cast size?
Participants are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Depending on the number of registrants, we will have a maximum of three casts with 30 performers each. Students who apply after the first 90 spots are filled will be placed on a waiting list.

Will siblings be placed together in the same cast group?  Can we request to be in a cast group with a friend?
Cast groups will be created by the artistic staff to meet the needs of the show.  Siblings will be placed in the same cast.  There are NO FRIEND REQUESTS for cast groups for this show.

Can parents observe rehearsals?
Only registered performers, rehearsal monitors and staff members may be on site while rehearsals are in progress.  Parents are not invited to observe.

How will drop off and pick up work?
All performers should enter EDMT through the front door entrance and arrive 10-15 minutes before their scheduled rehearsal time for check-in.  After rehearsal, performers will exit EDMT through the front door.  A Rehearsal Monitor will wait with the performers in front of the building until parents arrive.  Please arrive on time to pick up your performer(s).

Who do I go to when I have a question?
Please direct all questions to the Show Coordinator or Producer.  Please avoid disrupting rehearsals by going directly to the artistic staff.

For any additional questions or information about Maxwell Detective Agency please contact the EDMT office at (916) 941-7464.