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PAI 2023-2024 Class Schedule

PERFORMING ARTS INSTITUTE CLASSES run from August 22, 2023 through April 26, 2024 (25 weeks of classes).

Please refer to the PAI 2023-2024 Calendar for the full schedule.

Tuition is $22 for each class per week. Tuition is prorated and charged monthly. Online registration for classes is available on our website. For questions you may contact our office at edmt@edmt.info. *Classes subject to change based on enrollment.

All classes are held at EDMT’s rehearsal facility located at 4949 Windplay Drive, El Dorado Hills, CA.

*We do NOT have classes February 5th – March 11th, 2024. Classes resume on March 12th and run through April 26th. 2024 Summer Camps will be announced early February!

Ballet 18+Wednesday6:00 - 7:00PMSusan Daugherty
Ballet 210+Wednesday4:00 - 5:00PMSusan Daugherty
DANCE TECHNIQUE10+Wednesday5:00 - 6:00PMSusan Daugherty
Jazz 18+Wednesday4:00 - 5:00PMTheresa Swain
Jazz 18+Friday5:00 - 6:00PMTheresa Swain
Jazz 29+Wednesday5:00 - 6:00PMTheresa Swain
Jazz 29+Friday4:00 - 5:00PMTheresa Swain
Jazz 3 / 412+Thursday6:45 - 8:15PMGuest Instructor Kelley Saia
Tap Beginning8+Friday4:00 - 5:00PMChristine Martorana
Tap Intensive Beginner12+ & AdultWednesday7:00 - 8:00PMChristine Martorana
Tap 1/28+Friday5:00 - 6:00PMChristine Martorana
Tap 2/39+Friday6:00 - 7:00PMChristine Martorana
Tap 410+Wednesday6:00 - 7:00PMChristine Martorana
Tap 512+Thursday5:30 - 6:30PMDebbie Wilson
Adult Tap Beginning20+Tuesday4:30 - 5:30PMChristine Martorana
Acting 18+Wednesday5:00 - 6:00PMAlayna Fredianelli OR Nathan Hansen
Acting 2/38-12Wednesday4:00 - 5:00PMNathan Hansen
Acting 2/312+Wednesday6:00 - 7:00PMDebbie Wilson
Acting 413+Wednesday7:00 - 8:00PMDebbie Wilson
Group Vocals8+Wednesday3:30 - 4:00PMTheresa Swain
Group Vocals8+Wednesday6:00 - 6:30PMKatelyn Minnie
Group Vocals10+Wednesday6:00 - 6:30PMTheresa Swain
Group Vocals8+Friday3:30 - 4:00PMKatelyn Minnie
Group Vocals8+Friday4:30 - 5:00PMKatelyn Minnie
Group Vocals8+Friday5:00 - 5:30PMKatelyn Minnie
Mini - Me4-5Friday4:00 - 4:45PMBrooke Minnie & Leighton L’Engle
Mini - Me4-5Friday4:45 - 5:30PMBrooke Minnie & Leighton L’Engle
Intro to Musical Theatre6-7Friday4:00 - 5:00PMAlayna Fredianelli & Jack Gregory
Intro to Musical Theatre6-7Friday5:00 - 6:00PMAlayna Fredianelli & Jack Gregory
Tech Theatre13+Wednesday4:00 - 5:00PMZach Wilson
Tech Theatre10+Wednesday5:00 - 6:00PMZach Wilson