Theater classes

Description of Classes Offered

There are a variety of classes offered through PAI. Students can choose one area, or several areas that are of interest, and there are different skill levels for all students to achieve their best potential.

Semi-private Vocal Classes
Instructor: Brayden Bambino & Kyra Schneider

In each 30-minute session, the students will receive individual vocal training and technique along with songs suitable for their vocal range. Students will end the session with multiple song selections, along with instrumental tracks that they can practice at home with and use for a future audition. Please note that “Intermediate” classes require instructor approval.

Musical Theater Mini-ME
Instructor: Ashley Slavin, 4-6 year olds

The youngest class ever offered through PAI with a bottom age of just 4 years old. The class will be a fun filled 45 minutes of theater basics to get them comfortable in the areas of song, dance, movement and expression.

Introduction to Musical Theater
Instructor: Madeline L’Engle, 7-9 year olds

This class is specifically geared for those starting out in Musical Theater! We will cover basics in singing, dance, and acting, learn stage terminology, and create a foundation for becoming a well-balanced performer.

Acting 1
Instructor: Zach Wilson, All Ages

Advanced Acting techniques taught at a Beginner’s level. We will work on how to effectively communicate and successfully portray any character on stage. This class will also work on Improv as a tool for timing and confidence.

Acting 2
Instructor: Zach Wilson, 9-12 year olds
Instructor: Debbie Wilson, 13+ year olds

Geared for students who already possess an acting foundation, this class will work on how to break down a script, subtext, emotional states, relationships, objectives, and finding your character’s life on the page and ultimately on the stage, through exercises, Improv, and scenes.

Acting 3
Instructor: Debbie Wilson, 13+ year olds

*Instructor Approval Required
We will build on top of the curriculum from Acting 1&2 to delve deeper into the Art of Acting through exercises, scenes, and Improv.

Acting 4
Instructor: Debbie Wilson, 13+ year olds

*Instructor Approval Required
For those actors who have had significant experience both in class and performing onstage.


Jazz 1
Instructor: Madeline L’Engle, All Ages

Students will learn proper terminology and technique to be able to learn and perform choreography. They will master the basic steps needed for musical theater and other styles.


Jazz 2
Instructor: Mackenzie Haar, 8-12 year olds
Instructor: Anjie Rose Wilson, 13+ year olds

This class is geared for students who already possess a Jazz foundation.This class will build on the basics of Jazz to be able to perform more complex steps and routines.


Jazz 3
Instructor: Mackenzie Haar, 8-12 year olds
Instructor: Anjie Rose Wilson, 13+ year olds*

*Instructor Approval Required
This class is for students who have had years of experience dancing and performing. These students will learn to count and dance to unusual time signatures as well as an array of advanced leaps, turn, and combinations.  Don’t just “get through a combination.” Instead, learn the craft to be able to dance, perform, and enjoy it.


Jazz 4
Instructor: Anjie Rose Wilson, 13+ year olds*

*Instructor Approval Required
These students must already be experienced dancers who can confidently execute the above skills at an advanced level, and have significant performance experience.


Ballet 1

Instructor: Susan Daugherty, 8-12 year olds

Ballet 2

Instructor: Susan Daugherty, 10+ year olds

Ballet 3 

Instructor: Susan Daugherty, 13+  *Instructor Approval Required

Ask any successful musical theater performer and they’ll tell you that the foundation for just about any dance work done on stage is ballet. It makes all your dancing better..

This series of ballet classes have been created specifically for musical theater performers.



Accelerated/Intensive Tap 1
Instructor: Christine Martorana, 8+ year olds

If you have not tapped with Ms. Christine before, and would like to get up and tapping quickly – join us for this 6 week accelerated/intensive Tap 1 class that will give you the opportunity to move into Tap 2 for our next session!  Prior performing and other genres of dance experience a plus!

Tap 1
Instructor: Christine Martorana, 8+ year olds

Attention all NON TAPPERS –

Now is the chance for you to join the “cool tap club” by enrolling in Ms. Christine’s Tap 1 class – beginning Friday, August 19th (INSERT TIME).  We only start at the very beginning in the fall, then progress throughout the year to get our students’ performance tap ready as soon as possible.  The class is customized to meet everyone’s progress levels regardless of age (Minimum age 8 through 20).  Fun fact – EDMT has more trained tap dancers than any other theatre group in the greater Sacramento region!  We cannot wait to see you in class.


Tap 2
Instructor: Christine Martorana, 9+ year olds

The prerequisite for Tap 2 is one year of Tap 1. We will work on strengthening the basic steps. Time steps will be introduced along with basic tap turns, drawbacks, and pullbacks. We will work on creating patterns and step combinations.


Tap 3
Instructor: Christine Martorana, 9+ year olds

The prerequisite for Tap 3 is Tap 2, or the equivalent. Moving beyond the fundamentals, tap skills should be clean and clear for this class. Additional time step variations will be added plus wings, sequencing, and more complex combinations.


Tap 4
Instructor: Christine Martorana, 12+ year olds

*Instructor Approval Required
This class builds on the skills learned in Tap 3, focusing on more aggressive combinations and techniques as well as improvisational tap.


Tap 5
Instructor: Debbie Wilson, 12+ year olds

*Advanced Tap is by instructor invitation only.

Summer Camps

Each themed camp will run for 1 week Monday-Friday 9:00am-3:00pm.  Students may register individually for any or all week(s).  All levels welcome ages 6-14, students will be divided into 3 groups each week based upon age & dance level ability.  Students will rotate with their assigned group through a vocal, dance and acting related class during the 3 hours each day.  All mini-camps will be completely customized around the particular week’s theme and end with a showcase on Friday 2:00pm for family and friends.

REFUNDS:  EDMT does not prorate, refund or credit accounts for monthly tuition payments. Consistent absences do not constitute adjustment of tuition fees or assumed cancellation.

WITHDRAWAL: All cancellations must be submitted in writing by the 15th of the month. Verbal withdrawal with an instructor or classmate is not sufficient. The student’s Active account will be updated to reflect the change and no further tuition charges will be made for the canceled class(es).

Visions, South Sutter, and Horizon Homeschool Students
All students will be required to obtain a voucher for the full (no discount) price of the classes for each session. You will need to set up an account for your student on our EDMT/PAI website, select the classes they will be enrolled in (but not pay online), then call the EDMT office at 916-941-7464 to let us know that you have a homeschool voucher.

In order for your child to attend class, you must submit your voucher to our EDMT office at least one week prior to the first class, otherwise you will not be considered “enrolled” in the class and may be dropped if the class maximum is met.

While we welcome homeschooled students, in the past we have had voucher students sign up for a class, only to drop out right when it started. This, unfortunately, excluded other students from enrolling or participating. As a result, this type of activity may result in future non-acceptance of your homeschool vouchers.

All students should come to class ready to MOVE!
Shorts, stretch capris, sweats/jazz pants and fitted tank or tee. NO JEANS, SKIRTS, OR DRESSES
Musical Theatre Classes and Combo Class: Jazz shoes, ballet slippers or foot undies (no street shoes)
Tap Classes: Low heeled tap shoes


Hair must be pulled back into a ponytail at all times and completely out of your face
NO jewelry other than stud earrings for the safety of all dancers

– I will remain distraction free during all of my classes
– I will use the restroom before starting my classes
– I will arrive on time and ready to work in all classes
– I will advise my instructor or the PAI Office/ Director if I am unable to attend a class
– I will treat our rehearsal facility with the utmost respect and clean-up after myself always
– I will dress appropriately for class and follow the PAI Dress Code according to class type
– I will always use appropriate language while in and around the EDMT facility
– I will fully respect my fellow PAI performers, instructors and staff

Classes subject to change based on enrollment. A minimum of 6-8 students is required per class.

First Class 100% Money-Back Guaranteed
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